AXA PPP healthcare and therapy….

21 Sep

Excellent blog and mirrors feelings of many dedicated & skilled osteopaths


AXA PPP healthcare and therapy….

I have been an osteopath for 17 years and run a busy clinic in London with 6 other osteopaths.  We treat a variety of injuries from back and neck pain to sports and pregnancy related problems.  We are respected in our area and hold good standing with local GPs and specialist physicians and surgeons for the work that we do.

I have been a member of AXA PPP for more than 12 years and always have had a good working relationship with them.  As of this month, they have written to Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists telling them that they need to sign themselves into a new binding contract whereby AXA PPP are only willing to pay £35 per treatment of their patients.

This is the same controlling/bullying technique that Bupa used a few years ago and quiet clearly it has nothing to do with their members…

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