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Workplace Stress – A Pain in the Neck?

Work stresses out the mind – but what about the body? Did you ever stop to think about your work environment and the effects it has on the structure and function of your body?

Common complaints such as back and neck pain, eye strain, headache pain or general stress and tension can be directly or indirectly affected by our office environment. The office is a minefield for bad body habits. The way we sit in our chair, the length of time we stare at our computer or the interminable hours we work all affect our body in different ways.


POSTURE:  Correct posture will relieve pressure on the lower back, improve your breathing and increase the blood circulation through the back, lower back and legs.Your head should be in an upright position when viewing documents on your computer screen.

Breathe with your diaphragm when sitting or standing.

Keep your shoulders relaxed and your elbows close to your sides when working.

Don’t slouch in your chair or slump your shoulders.

SUPPORT:   A comfortable supportive chair will take pressure away from the lower back and make it easier to sit in front of the computer or at your desk.

Ensure your back is adequately supported.

Your hips should be as far back in the chair as possible so that your back is touching your chair back.

YOUR COMPUTER:  Continual tasks in front of your computer can cause eye strain, headaches, neck pain and put pressure on the shoulders.

The keyboard height and slope should be both easy to adjust.

The mouse should be within close reach and at the same level as the keyboard.
You should hold the mouse lightly with all fingers and click gently. Move the mouse with your entire arm instead of just your wrist.

Your shoulders should be relaxed when keying or using the mouse.

Your documents should be positioned on a stand placed between the monitor and keyboard

TAKE REGULAR BREAKS:  Take a break and get the blood flowing through the body. Get up from your desk and stretch out your back, neck, shoulders and legs

Get up from your desk and walk around the office, e.g. take a 15 minute break, get a glass of water or go to the toilet.

Get out of the office in your lunch hour, try going for a walk or even a swim.

And dream……………………!!!!!!

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