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Sponsored athletes lead the way!

Sponsored athletes lead the way!

Outstanding performances for our U20 athletes at Indoor Champs at Sheffield on 1st & 2nd March. Gold for Sophie Riches, silver for Poppy Lake, bronze and a staggering new PB for Khai Riley Laborde & excellent PB for Robbie Clarricoats. How proud are we?

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Athlete Sponsorship Programme

Athlete Sponsorship Programme

These elite young athletes are all on Cedar Hall Clinics Athlete Sponsorship Programme.
They are a delight to sponsor and all have a very bright future.

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Deep Tissue Massage Techniques for Therapists


Well first let’s explain what deep tissue massage IS NOT, because many people fear that deep tissue work means a harder, faster, more painful massage. Many therapists also believe that they will have to use more force thereby increasing the risk of injury to themselves or that it will be more exhausting. The truth is that it is no more exhausting for the therapist or any more painful for the patient than their usual treatment. In fact the techniques used mean that the therapist can exert less effort and work at a slower pace. The risk of injury is actually reduced as the hands and thumbs are used less. Many patients will find the new techniques much more beneficial and can quite often fall asleep during the treatment as the therapist can work on a much deeper level of soft tissue, which quite often is where uncomfortable tension occurs. Deep tissue massage is not a ‘no pain, no gain’ treatment. It does not have to be painful to be effective although the muscles can feel sore when very tight and can be likened to feeling bruised as they are worked on by the therapist.

So what IS deep tissue massage? Well it is a treatment that works within the different layers of tissue, rather than superficially, in order to lengthen, relax and release areas of muscle restriction that are causing tension. Various techniques are used to achieve this such as Myofascial Release and Soft Tissue Release. The therapist uses these and other techniques in order to ‘sink’ into the muscles and you will find that the more resistance there is in the muscles the slower the therapist will work in order to sink deeper. With deep tissue massage the goal is less focused on pleasure and more about alleviating pain, improving posture and increasing flexibility & mobility. Deep tissue work can be truly invigorating for the patient and I have heard many patients praising their treatments saying that it was amazing and they’ve never had a massage like it.

We are hosting an introduction to Deep Tissue Massage Techniques at the Cedar Hall Clinic, Thurrock on 29th & 30th September 2012 for any qualified massage therapist who wishes to take their treatments to the next level. Please contact the Practice Manager on 01375 678877 for more details.


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Cedar Hall Clinic Patients Triumph in London Marathon

Our Sports Therapy team are celebrating the success of two Cedar Hall Clinic patients who both completed the London Marathon in sprightly style. Running in aid of the British Lung Foundation, Kasia Allchorne kept going through the pain barrier and completed her race in 4hrs 48mins.

First time entrant Lee Wall achieved a time of 4hrs 13mins and so far he has raised nearly £1000 for the Help for Heroes charity. Regular sports massge  treatments in the run-up to the big race ensured Lee didn’t suffer too badly post competition and he is keen to try it again next year!

Well done!

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