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Autumnal Aches

The weeks are hurtling by and we are now firmly into the Autumn period with more wet & windy weather predicted. It’s the time of year when we might start to notice our aches & pains that little bit more, so if you’ve got a niggle or even something more acute & painful come for a FREE assessment. You could be on the road to recovery before you know it!!

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Time to Tackle that Pain!

If pain is interfering with your daily life it’s time to visit our skilled practitioners at our Stanford le Hope pain relief clinic. Pop in for a FREE assessment or call 01375 678877.Treatments Thurrock

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Fab New Website

Have a browse – lots of information and we’re always happy to answer any of your pain related questions – or just drop by for a chat!!!

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Treatments Pictorial!



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Rehabilitation and Prescriptive Exercise at Cedar Hall Clinics

Our Rehabilitation Team help athletes and those recovering from operations or other trauma with a series of treatments and exercise regimes. This helps reduce pain, promote movement of stiffened muscles, prevents recurring damage and restores normal function to the injured site.

Various techniques used in rehabilitation have significance of their own in improving physical performance and restoring athletes to normal activity:

  • Stretching and bending exercises improve flexibility of the injured muscles
  • Massage techniques relieves the tension of the muscles and improves the blood flow to the injured area
  • Stability exercises restores the functions and movements of the broken or injured joints

The Rehab Team work in conjunction with our osteopaths, our Sports Injuries team and our podiatrist. Having competed at a high level in a variety of sports and activities, all our practitioners have experience of coping with injuries and the disabling effect these can have. Rehabilitation programmes are an important part of recovery and can heal injury faster while maintaining balance with the rest of the body.


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Bal Heer Podiatry/Chiropody in Benfleet & Thurrock

Is it Chiropody? Or is it Podiatry? In fact there is no difference. The term chiropodist is used traditionally in the UK, whereas the term podiatrist is used internationally. More and more though in the UK you will hear the term podiatrist used. Whatever the title  a chiropodist/podiatrist is a health professional who assesses, treats and manages conditions effecting the feet and lower limbs.

Our chiropodist/podiatrist Bal Heer regularly treats common foot conditions including athlete’s foot, bunions, corns, callouses, verrucae,  cracked heels, sweaty feet, ingrown toenails and diabetic footcare. But also, being  skilled in biomechanical assessment and the supply of custom made orthotics, he often treat athletes in conjunction with our osteopaths. Orthotics in children help to correct and prevent further mechanical problems eg knee, hip and lower back pain and Bal has many youngsters referred to his clinic.

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