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Beat Exam Stress & Strain

It’s exam time again, with thousands of young people revising and cramming in order to pass those all-important school exams. Whether you have a young family member working towards common entrance, or older children taking GCSE or ‘A’ levels, it can be a stressful time for the whole family.

We often see teenagers and children with ‘tension’ type problems across their shoulder girdle, upper back and necks at this time of year. Some of our patients will come in with headaches and migraines, that have often been exacerbated by studying for long periods of time at a computer or worse, slumped on their beds with a lap top on their knees.

Carrying school bags of heavy books can result in low back and shoulder problems and added to the levels of general anxiety patients often find themselves distressed and uncomfortable at the very time they need to be functioning well. All this in conjunction with growth spurts and hormones. It’s a lot for any young person to have to to deal with!

student exam stress and exhaustion

Here at Cedar Hall Clinics we are happy to treat students of all ages. We are aware that teenagers are not often forthcoming when they are not feeling on top form and they often find it difficult to explain that they are a bit ‘up tight’ both emotionally and physically. Gentle osteopathic treatment can often help to relieve some of the mechanical stresses and strains associated with long hours of study and we are also able to offer advice about the best ways to position computers and laptops to reduce postural strain.

We have male and female osteopaths so each patient has a choice of practitioners. The only requirement is that any patient under 16 years old is accompanied by an adult.

A free assessment is a popular choice if you really don’t know what’s causing your pain or discomfort – it gives students, parents & practitioners a chance to find out what’s going on & discuss treatment options. Why not give it a try?

In the meantime good luck with those exams from all of us at Cedar Hall Clinics.

With thanks to our osteopath Lorraine for this blog



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Donate It, Don’t Dump It!

In the run up to Christmas Cedar Hall Osteopathy Clinic Thurrock is supporting a new initiative launched by St Luke’s Hospice, Basildon, Essex entitled Donate It, Don’t Dump It! The project, which is the brain child of Hospice senior fund raiser Heather Penny, aims to encourage people to donate old clothes, pre-loved items, unwanted gifts, books, games etc rather than throwing them away.

Cedar Hall Clinic supporting St Luke’s Hospice

Several local businesses have already signed up for Donate It, Don’t Dump It and Heather Penny is hopeful that as ever, people will be generous with their donations. At Cedar Hall Osteopathy Clinic Thurrock there is a large basket in reception where our patients can place all their donated items. The scheme has already attracted a fair bit of attention and a variety of items are already piling up ready for collection

Senior Osteopath & director Jacki Milne is confident that the basket will be refilled time & time again. “Local people and our patients are forever generous for a good cause” said Jacki “And this is one of the best. Cedar Hall Clinics are committed to supporting community projects whenever possible and we will probably take part in the initiative again after Christmas so people can donate any unwanted gifts”.

Folk living in the Stanford le Hope area of Essex are invited to pop into the clinic at 13 King’s Parade, King St with any donations.

Supporting St Luke’s Hospice – All donations welcome.
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