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Rehabilitation and Prescriptive Exercise at Cedar Hall Clinics

Our Rehabilitation Team help athletes and those recovering from operations or other trauma with a series of treatments and exercise regimes. This helps reduce pain, promote movement of stiffened muscles, prevents recurring damage and restores normal function to the injured site.

Various techniques used in rehabilitation have significance of their own in improving physical performance and restoring athletes to normal activity:

  • Stretching and bending exercises improve flexibility of the injured muscles
  • Massage techniques relieves the tension of the muscles and improves the blood flow to the injured area
  • Stability exercises restores the functions and movements of the broken or injured joints

The Rehab Team work in conjunction with our osteopaths, our Sports Injuries team and our podiatrist. Having competed at a high level in a variety of sports and activities, all our practitioners have experience of coping with injuries and the disabling effect these can have. Rehabilitation programmes are an important part of recovery and can heal injury faster while maintaining balance with the rest of the body.


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Sports Injuries Benfleet and Thurrock

Kimberley Highes

Most of our practitioners are also experienced in sports, dance or fitness and Sports Injuries & Rehab specialist Kimberley Hughes is no exception. She is a 1st Dan and has competed in Karate at both national and international level. Although Kimberley works with many elite athletes she also spends much of her time treating the weekend warriors, those injured at work and those with postural and mobility problems.

Having competed at such a high level and sustaining injuries herself, Kimberley knows from personal experience the frustration caused for any athletes when injury strikes. Kimberley graduated fro Kent University with an honours degree in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation and she can advise on injury prevention and can assess and treat those that do occur.

With her vast knowledge of how the body works and the treatments needed to bring a patient back to full health, Kimberley is a valued member of the Sports Injury team and works directly with our osteopaths and podiatrist.

Angela Mooney

Angela Mooney has been working as a Sports Injuries and Sports Massage therapist for 8 years. Having been a club level judo competitor and gold medallist dancer, she too is aware of the frustration and discomfort caused by pain and injuries.

Angela regularly works with many athletes including climbers, tri-athletes and runners and has been a regular therapist at events such as the London Marathon. Although much of her work involves treating patients with sports and occupational injuries, she also treats people suffering with a wide range of debilitating conditions such as fibromyalgia and spondylosis. She encourages regular maintenance exercise and treatments to increase flexibility.

Angela works closely with all members of the Sports Injury team and is experienced in treating all ages from children to the elderly. She is also a skilled Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner.

Sports Massage



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