Flu Jabs – do they work for all?

13 Oct

Research has repeatedly shown that flu jabs were not protecting seniors. The Lancet even concluded, “evidence for protection in adults aged 65 years or older is lacking.” The “solution” was to come out with a new, higher dose vaccine — Fluzone High-Dose vaccine. It contains four times the amount of antigen found in a standard dose.

Research published last year showed it may lower the risk of getting influenza by 24 percent among seniors compared to the standard-dose vaccine. This still isn’t saying much, considering during the 2012 to 2013 flu season the standard flu vaccine was just 9 percent effective in seniors aged 65 and over.  

Flu Jabs - the right decision?

Flu Jabs – the right decision?

Even when getting a vaccine with four times the dose, only one in four cases of influenza in older patients was potentially prevented. It’s unclear whether the vaccine actually lowers the risk of influenza-related health complications and deaths.

Flu jabs also contain chemicals that can put damp in the system and aggravate joint pain and arthritic conditions. Whilst everything has its place and consideration should be given having this conventional vaccination, you may like to consider the side affects and look for a more natural approach to prevent getting this winters flu.

With thanks to Allergy Specialist Clare Gale

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