It’s that Time of Year again – but is it Hay Fever?

04 Jun

The time of year that many of us dread is here once again. Hay fever symptoms, watery eyes and runny nose make us reach for the anti histamine. Hay fever affects millions of people and year after year we put up with the effects of the medication in order to stop the symptoms.

The natural world might just hold the answer for you. Finding out exactly what your allergens are and treating them for you as an individual could hold the key to preventing your suffering. For 70% of people, one remedy is enough for life! A second remedy may be used for a few.

So whats the secret?

When you find the allergens that affect you as an individual and treat them, you are targeting the cause not just the symptoms. Finding out your individual allergens is easy. Bio resonance analysis uses frequency or sound waves to pulse through your body, scanning for your reaction against substances. Including, tree, flower and grass pollen, animal hairs/furs/feathers, dust mite, household chemicals, fabrics and lots more. Taking the bio resonance of these reactions, we can make a remedy unique to you and imprint it into a liquid. Boosting your immune system with drops on the tongue reduces the effect of the allergens.

Some natural solutions to help may include eating some local honey. This uses the very pollens that are getting up your nose and once ingested boosts your immunity against the effect they are having on you. Try dabbing a little petroleum jelly up your nose, this catches the pollen before it gets into your sinus. Avoid foods high in histamine, these include red wine and pork.

Health screening is something we offer at Cedar Hall Clinics with our Allergy specialist Clare Gale. The full health analysis looks at your body’s imbalances including a system and organ check, nutrition, hormones, food sensitivity, allergens, toxins and more. Testing is easy, painless and cost only £90 including an Environmental Sensitivity Test.


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